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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

SEO friendly URLs

Url is a very important part of on page and is a very important ranking signal. Let see what are SEO friendly URLs
Using category keywords inplace of valueless category no or id will make URLs SEO friendly.
Folder structure in place of parameters in URL will be more SEO friendly.
For blog in your site use a folder not a sub domain because use of sub domain will devide the site authority in two parts.
Use https when ever is possible, this is an important ranking signal

Do not use underscores in URLs , use hypans to separate keywords because underscores do not separate the words will treat boot as a combine word.
If you have a multi language site the you have, three options ,a different domain for every language, sub domain for for different language and different folder for each language.every option have it's pros and cons , the most popular options is sub domain.
If a parameter does not change the content of website and just change the order or data on page or narrow the content on page( ex. filters or short options ,or tracking id or affliction id) then you can use these parameters in URL, it would not affect SEO and you can stop caching of duplicate content from search console parameter setting.

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