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Sunday, June 19, 2016

no return tags :search console errors in international Targetting

If your website is a multi language website then it is recommended by Google that you use "rel alternate" tag to interconnect these pages .
Sometimes in Google search console ,in international targeting section there is an error "no return tag"  This error accour when a "rel alternate" tag is not placed properly.
As per Google guidelines is page A refrers page B in "rel alternate" tag then page B must refer page A in the same manner and if this does not then Good search console will show "no return tag" error.
There can be many reason for this . First thing can be that targeted page does not exest or it does not have return alternate tag .One more reason can be that the target page is not indexable or is not indexed by Google.
You should search the issue and solve that for you site to perform better in search engine.

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