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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Difference in Data of Search console(webmaster tool ) and Google analytics

All SEOs are using search console and Google Analytics and both of these tools tell us about search engine performance of our website . In google analytics we can go to traffic channel section and there we can see how much traffic site got from google organic search and in search console , the search analytic section shows the no of impression , no of clicks and average position  and no of impressions for all search phrases .

Some times(or may times) there is a difference in between the data shown by search console and google analytics . There are many reason for this difference . Google analytic tracks data with help of a java script code , so if java script is not enabled on we browser , the data will not be recorded .Second reason is that google does a lot of processing with data while this is not the case with search console data . One more reason is bots. Google analytics does not counts visits by bots ,

SO there can be a difference in search console and analytics data and this is nothing unusual or thing to worry about

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