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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Google Tag Manager 2.0 : Adding Google Analytics code in Tag manager

We have already seen Google tag manager account setup and container creation . So after creating and adding tag manager code to your website the next step is creating tags in tag manager and implementing tags . The most common tag that almost  every website have , that is google analytic .Here is step by step procedure for adding google analytic tag in tag manager .

At first setup a google analytic account and get a account ID that looks like UA-XXXXXXXX-X .Then go to Tag manager dashboard   and click on new tags
google tag manager dash board
After clicking on new tag on the next screen you will see Choose product screen , on this screen there will be many popular product which require a tag to be added on the website like google analytics , linkedin ,add word ,double click and many more (total 26 as per today) , there is also a an option for custom html tag and a custom image tag .
To create  google analytics tag click on google analytics .

After clicking on google analytics , on the next screen at first you need to choose type of analytics (i.e. universal analytics or classic analytics ) in configuration tag enter the analytics ID and choose track type(page view).

On Clicking on continue next input is is when and where you want to fire(execute)this tag . For google analytics you should select all pages because generally we track every page , and after that click on create tag .
After creating tag you will see a popup for naming this tag , you can choose name of your convenience.thus a analytic tag is created only 1 step is remaining is to publish .

 Next screen is tag manager dashboard , on the top right you can see a red button with text publish , click on that button you will see a pop like above image , on this pop up you can publish , cancel or can see preview of tag . JUST click on publish now and it is done . You will see a success popup .

After that you can go on google analytics account to see tracking of your website .

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