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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Make Rich Snippet in Social Sharing

social sharing rich snippet

some days ago I read a excellent post in seomoze ,that was about how to get good quality snippet while sharing your post in social sites .we already discussed in a previous post  that rich snippet is a very important issue as it makes a very Important impact on Click through Rate .The original article is bit difficult to understand and is useful only for the leaders of the industry . So I am here with a post which have important and executable part of social sharing snippet creation and in a manner that can be undestud by a new SEO too.

1-OG :Title -   

This is the most important of OG tag as while sharing this becomes title of your social sharing and Anchor text to your web site . Syntax to this meta tag is 
<meta property="og:title" content="Text You want to be title of your social sharing " />
Length of this title is not required to be  90 character , you can use up to 150 character but it is suggested to use 135 character .

2-OG :Description -   

Content of this meta tag will become description of your sharing at Facebook or Google+ or Linkdin . Syntax to this meta tag is
<meta property="og:description" content="text You want to be your social sharing description" />
Again Length of this title is not required to be  165  character and people have seen even 450 character in snippet description even then it is recommended to keep length maximum 200 character .

3-OG :Image-   

The biggest problem I faced while sharing is irrelevant image in snippet or some time no image at all.So this meta tag is the solution for the problem .You need to provide full URL to the image you want to be displayed in social sharing. Syntax to this meta tag is
<meta property="og:image" content="Full URL of Image " />
Again,as a SEO it is recommended to use 150*150 or 110 * 110 size image

4-OG: Type-

This meta property describes the type of content , blog , article , book ,etc.Syntax to this meta tag is
<meta property="og:Type" content="Type of Content" />

5-OG: URL-

This meta property describes the URL..Syntax to this meta tag is
<meta property="og:url" content="Canonical URL" />
You should put your canonical URL here.

These are basic OG tags which are required for getting rich social snippet but this is not all .If you want to read full and standard description and to add up your knowledge the visit this site .if You have got this post useful please share wth your friends

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