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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Some Big Changes in Blogger Blog: Very important For SEO

In last 15 days Google’s Blog platform have made some very big changes and these changes will surly make a difference in blogging experience .I believe Google have made these changes because of tough competition from Wordpress in blogging and from Facebook in social networking and these changes will surly put Google at a better position in the battle field of blogging and social networking. These changes are very important for SEO point of view.

The most important and major change in Blogger Blog is “Customize Search Preference”. In these changes Blogger have provided many features that will effect the appearance of Blog in Google Search result .First feature is “Search Description”,
Which is actually well known “Meta Description” and will appear in snippet in Search Result. Second thing which is provided under this update is a custom page for 404” page. Now Blogger allows you to have 10 k data for this 404 page. Third service is custom redirection i.e., “301 redirection”. If some of you r post have been removed you can redirect those URLs to some of your desired URLs. Last service in this category is creating and customizing “robot.txt” file. All these changes are very important for SEO if you are doing SEO for Blog or doing SEO with help of Blog. 

A second major change is important for SMOs .Blogger have added two new gadgets .First one is a google+1 button for Blog. Though Blogger was providing a +1 button for every Blog post but this one for whole Blog and can be flitting or fix as set buy the Blog owner .This look likes an answer for the Facebook’s “Flike”. Second gadget is a "Google Plus badge".This Badge can be for a Google plus profile or Google Plus page. Again it looks like an answer for the “Facebook Badge”. If you analyze this all it looks like that Google trying to promote all it’s services to the users who are using some other service of Google.

Third change is a small change .in September Goggle had lunched it’s new Blogger interface but users have the option to use new or old interface. Now Blogger is switching to new interface completely. This new interface has many new features and easy and fast to use but it does not support phonetic typing for Unicode languages. So of you are a Blogger for some non English language then it is a small problem and you need to edit at some where else and then paste in Blogger.

One more change is there. Now you can upload your picture directly from your webcam, you need not to save it on you computer .It will help you in taking many snaps and you can choose the best one for uploading .

Google is being more and more offensive in market and so that is trying to improve all it’s services and these changes are part of that series only .We hope you will enjoy the new blogging experience.



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