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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Some Big Changes in Blogger Blog: Very important For SEO

In last 15 days Google’s Blog platform have made some very big changes and these changes will surly make a difference in blogging experience .I believe Google have made these changes because of tough competition from Wordpress in blogging and from Facebook in social networking and these changes will surly put Google at a better position in the battle field of blogging and social networking. These changes are very important for SEO point of view.

The most important and major change in Blogger Blog is “Customize Search Preference”. In these changes Blogger have provided many features that will effect the appearance of Blog in Google Search result .First feature is “Search Description”,

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

XML Sitemap : A basic SEO thing to DO

XML-Sitemap is one of the very basic things that a SEO should do while doing on-page optimization. If we use non-technical terms, XML is a way to tell search engine, how many pages your web site have and which page is more important and which is less important. This is a standard and all search engines understand.
There are many online free and paid tools which can help you in making XML site map and this is suggested that you put this sitemap in root of your website and name it as “sitemap.xml”.

Sample text

Sample Text

Sample Text