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Friday, March 30, 2012

Insight of your Google Account : Know what you did in web

Insight of your Google Account
Insight of your Google Account

Yesterday Google have launched new services for its user. Now you can see monthly report of uses of Google account and all its products used by a user. By enabling it , a user can get weekly or monthly summary of  data uses of all Google products like send email , received email , web searches and image search.

If you want to use this feature you need to enable this feature from insight center and once if
you enabled it you will get report when ever it is available. As this report contains confidential data about a user, some times you need to re-enter your password even if you are already logged in or can ask for two step verification once more.

For example, as this picture shows in past 7 days , I sent 7 emails from  7 addresses and received 513 emails from  37 contacts .Most contacted person is I made 77 searches out of which 96% are web searches and 4% are image searches. Google is asking for feed back and is planning to add some more services in this report in next few days. I believe best use of this feature is that you can estimate your uses and more over you can protect your account, i.e. if some one else is using your account you  wil see unexpected report . So let us see how it works.

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