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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Google Play in Google Tool Bar

Yesterday Google added a new button in it’s toolbar “Play” which links to “”. This is probably a part of offensive marketing strategy. This Google play is actually Google’s android store which is recently renamed.

This is designed to keep both type of the visitors PC user and cell phone users and it is placed at 5th position which is nearly at the center and most viewed part of web page . Google have its long term goal to get into retail market and for this it have started joint venture with Amazon too .SO  before going into retail market Google wants to test it’s ratability to common people .

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  1. The Google take another amazing initiative by introducing Google play point. This point is add in Google toolbar for the convenience of Google toolbar users. Actually it is an android point, specially design for android users of both PC and cell phones. The introducing step of android on Google toolbar make it famous in very few days and now its on 5th position on Google. Actually it's not introduce in international retail market. Google just introduces that point on test bases in common users.



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