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Monday, February 13, 2012

New attack of Google Plus on Facebook

Google Plus-facebook
In the battle field of Social meedia Market , Gogle have made one more attempt to beat Facebook and today added a new feature in it's social networking site Google+ .For lastmany years Facebok and Google were copying featurs of their comptitor's social sites and in this chain Google have copied the Facebook feature of giveng priority to the friends and to control that whose update should be visible in home page but this time Google have done it pretty well and made Google plus much more effecient.

 All Google Plus users know well about circles and when you are inside a circle you see updates only from that circle but if you are in home page then in your streem you see updates of all circle and in this situation your wall can be filed with less important posts and your more important posts can be missed.Now plus have solved this problem and now you can set for each circle that which update of that crcle should be visible in your main streem .Google have decided 4 lavel for this
 1.Show Nothing form this circle
2.Show fewer things from this circle
 3.Show most of the things from this circle
 4.Show all of the things from this circle

 This feature is equvalent to the facebook feature of subscription lavel where facebook have given 3 option 1.All Updates
2.Most Updates
3.Only Important Updates
 One thing that makes Google plus feature more strong is that google plus deals people in groups so it is easy to manage a lot of friends while in Facebook you need to handle each person individually.

 Now only time will decide ,if this feature will help google plus in this race but if we specifically talk about feature google puls is better.What you think about this update ???

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