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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Webmaster Tool : Some good uses of Google webmaster tool

webmaster tool
Today I have some information for those who are working ON-PAGE SEO.Every SEO uses google Web master tool as this is a interface in between your site and Google today I am going to tell what other than basic things ; you should do with webmaster tool and your site to get your targeted audience not just any visitor and to get rancked just for disered key words and key phreses .

1-Email Farwarding

As an SEO Very first thing that you need to do with webmster tool to set E-mail farwarding in E-mail section because every important message must be deleverd and noticed at the same time like crawlers issue or malware probleams.So you should set it for farwardng to your email.

2-Search Queries Analysis

For a SEO Second thing that you need to do is to analyse 'Search Queries' in google webmasters tool which tells you that for what quries your site is ranking i.e it shows impression of your site in Google SERP and also click for these impression and click through rate that is ratio of total impression of your site in Google SERP and click . Now you need to analysi that what are the good relevent quries for your sites which are really getting clicks and what are irrelevent quries that will either not get click or will result as a bounce.You can star the relevent quries and then you can easily track your progress .

3-Keyword Analysis

Third thingA SEO should do is to analyse 'Keyword' feature in google web master tool.Keyword section tells you the keywords that google have extracted from your site. As a SEO you want these keyword reletevlly match your targeted keywords but this is not a case allways. For example if you have an online shopping site google may fetch words like price or rates or purchare.So as a good SEO you should resolvce this issue by putting rich content .

4-Duplicate Content and Canonical Issues

Next SEO mistake that need to be resolved is Duplicate URLs or Duplicate content specially in some dynamic site.You should use "Rel cananocal tag" to deal with Url which are actually same but different in only Parameters used .(Soon I will write a post about canonical TAG).Moreover in setting section of Google Webmaster Tool a SEo should set parameters .Some of parameters can be ignored.Though you will se a warning that do it only if you know how these parameters are working but as an SEO you should know how parameters of your site are working.Another thing for handling Dublicate content is to check html Suggetion.Here you can see URLs having duplicate Title or Duplicate Meta Description.Every important page should have unique Title and Description.

5-Crawler Error

Next SEO thing to do is to check Crawler Error that google is facing in accessing your site .You must make sure that your targeted audiance must not recive "404 error" page.Fixing crawler will help SEO in two ways one is getting responce through traffic you are allready getting and reducing bounce rate and second is benifit in SERP by getting back link to right pages.

6-Internal Linking

SEO should alsothink about internal links.Every age should be linked with other pagfes in your site and specially all important pages should be very will linked with your site. One more thing that an SEO can do is to Fetch as a GOOGLE BOTE ; but I will tell you about it later in a compleat article so wait till that article.

I hope this article will help you in making best use of Google Webmaster Tool and doing good Onpage SEo and getting your tartet visitors .Soon I will bring a good article on Google Analytics that will tell you some advanced things that you can do with google analytics .If you like this article please do not forgot to share this article with your friends and making comments.

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