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Thursday, January 05, 2012

A SEO friendlly Chrome Extention - Pasty

google chrome extention
Just Got something to share with all of My SEO friends.Choosing a good webBrowser  is very important for  those SEO who are working with off page work .Generally people like chrome but because of brade varity of extention people chose Firefox . Even according to Masscuts Firefox is much mo better than Chorem in category of extentions but now there are a lot of extentions for Chrome too and I have got an extention called PASTY .

If you are doing off page work then many times you need to open multiple tab at once when you have list of URLs in a excell or txt format .Generally ,with Firfox People use "COPY ALL URL" which works in "Ctrl+Alt+V" but it is available only in firefox version 4.0 or lesser while curruntlly we are working with firefox 9.0 .There are present some Extentions which open a new tab in there is a text area
. You need to put all of your Url there ; and then press OPEN , and then it opens all tabs ; But it a a very slow process.

Now Chrome have a new extention called "PASTY" which will open many tabs just with single click.You just need to copy all URL as text and then click the extention.If there is any URL in text in clipbord ; the URL will be opened. Another good thing with this is that you need not te sepret URL with other text.You may copy a lot of test and this Extention will search URL in the text and open them. So try this now and then writ your views.


  1. tnx for this idea. :)

  2. Thanks Ankit..Really helpful chrome extension..Keep the good work going...



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