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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MicroData :Increase CTR and Decrees Bounce Rate

microdata importance
As an SEO,in this era of flooded web content, you will not only work to get ranked in SERP but to get targeted visitors and for that Click Through Rate and Bounce Rate are two important factors.A general search engine user knows that he have milions of result for each of his query and many of them may not match with what he is looking for.So he may miss your site even if you have good SERP rankng which can cause low click through rate for your site or if he clicks your site he can leave that imidiatly is that page do not maches hi intrest and this cause high bounce rate for your site.So as an SEO you want every targeted user to click your site and your site to be clicked only by your targeted user.So MicroData is answer to this question.

If your site is ranking in SERP then snippets plays a big role in getting clicks because is describes that what page is rally about but search engines are not smart enough to deside what web page is really about .So now all big search engine have decided to use microdata for creating snippets  but is you want to search engine creat snippet which really give a user real information about your webpage then you need to add microdata in your web pages.Microdata is just some additional html tags which will not make any difference in look of your web page but tell a search spider that what the web page is about.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Webmaster Tool : Some good uses of Google webmaster tool

webmaster tool
Today I have some information for those who are working ON-PAGE SEO.Every SEO uses google Web master tool as this is a interface in between your site and Google today I am going to tell what other than basic things ; you should do with webmaster tool and your site to get your targeted audience not just any visitor and to get rancked just for disered key words and key phreses .

1-Email Farwarding

As an SEO Very first thing that you need to do with webmster tool to set E-mail farwarding in E-mail section because every important message must be deleverd and noticed at the same time like crawlers issue or malware probleams.So you should set it for farwardng to your email.

2-Search Queries Analysis

For a SEO Second thing that you need to do is to analyse 'Search Queries' in google webmasters tool which tells you that for what quries your site is ranking i.e it shows impression of your site in Google SERP and also click for these impression and click through rate that is ratio of total impression of your site in Google SERP and click . Now you need to analysi that what are the good relevent quries for your sites which are really getting clicks and what are irrelevent quries that will either not get click or will result as a bounce.You can star the relevent quries and then you can easily track your progress .

Thursday, January 05, 2012

A SEO friendlly Chrome Extention - Pasty

google chrome extention
Just Got something to share with all of My SEO friends.Choosing a good webBrowser  is very important for  those SEO who are working with off page work .Generally people like chrome but because of brade varity of extention people chose Firefox . Even according to Masscuts Firefox is much mo better than Chorem in category of extentions but now there are a lot of extentions for Chrome too and I have got an extention called PASTY .

If you are doing off page work then many times you need to open multiple tab at once when you have list of URLs in a excell or txt format .Generally ,with Firfox People use "COPY ALL URL" which works in "Ctrl+Alt+V" but it is available only in firefox version 4.0 or lesser while curruntlly we are working with firefox 9.0 .There are present some Extentions which open a new tab in there is a text area

Sample text

Sample Text

Sample Text